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100% Original – Made in South Africa

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FUNFLOATS 100% Original – Made in South Africa


Where fun on the water is unlimited. 

Decorative  FunFloats have become quite the trend over the years,
and it seems like they’re becoming more extravagant and popular than ever.
These days, you can’t go on social media without seeing someone lounging around on a giant unicorn float!
If you want to get in on the fun with an Instagram-worthy float, look no further!
Below you’ll find the trendiest and coolest floats of the summer. 

How to Care for your FunFloat

FunFloats do become heavier after use as they absorb water, however they drain fairly quickly, then allowing an easier lift onto an elevated surface.  The Funfloats are NOT waterproof and do absorb water but YES THEY STILL FLOAT!!

Always remove your FunFloats from the pool before adding any chlorines or harsh pool cleaners. After use, remove from the pool, rinse with clean water and leave on an elevated area to allow the excess water to drain out of it.  Our canvas range may require that the zip on the upper flange is opened. It will allow excess water on the inside to drain out.

Dry in an airy shaded area out of direct sunlight.  To wash your outer cover, remove the outer cover by opening the zip and wash in a cold wash.  Do not iron,  tumble dry,  dry clean, or bleach.  Remember to reinsert the inner (zipped side first) into the cover.

Suntan Lotion, Suntan Oils & Self-Tan Lotions can have a harmful effect.  Treat stains immediately, so as to avoid permanent marking.  DO NOT leave your FunFloat floating on the pool in the sun when not in use, so as to avoid fading & harmful effect of chemicals & direct sunlight.  The fabric color will fade and deteriorate when exposed to direct sunlight and pool chemicals over an extended period.

The better you care for your FunFloat, the longer they will last!