Fun Floats

100% Original – Made in South Africa


Have Fun on the Pool Water


             Welcome to the home of the FunFloat where we guarantee fun on the water!

The brainchild of FunFloats is also the creator of the infamous PoolPillows ®.   A product born when I was pregnant with my first child and was desperate to have a waterbirth.  I pondered over how I would float in the water whilst in labour. Hence, I ended up making one of the most amazing creations, born as PoolPillows.  The  Original One and Only   With my son, who is now 15 years old. I feel we needed a change in name and creativity.

First as a mom, work colleague, and business owner, I wear many hats but have the passion of a good product. I am forever creating new and exciting products that are value for money.

After much success and many people copying my product  never duplicating the quality, FUNFLOATS was born to a new creation of FUN IN THE SUN !!!

FunFloats is designed and manufactured from high quality materials resulting in the ultimate poolside comfort.

With a variety of designs from our plain and sophisticated HAPPY FunFloat to the many different character floats, we’ve got the perfect float for some FUN IN THE SUN!

What better way than to spend your time in the water in both comfort, style and fun !!!  We all spend so much of our new age days sending emojis by whatsapp and email all day long. Why not just chill out on them too? Or even better,

A Perfect way to lunge in and out of the pool. What better way to soak up some rays than in complete comfort and style.

We are absolutely positive that the world would be more fun if everyone owned a fun and funky FUNFLOATS